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UWCSEA President Carma Elliot invites a community conversation on the creation of peace and a sustainable future for all.

Reimagining education: if not now, when?

[fa icon="calendar"] 9 Sep 2020 / by Carma Elliot

Carma Elliot


Last weekend, the UWCSEA Governors, Board advisers and College leadership teams met together for a dialogue on Reimagining Education. This was an opportunity for discussion on our College strategy with the new Chair, Madan Menon. All appropriately socially distanced, of course. 

We had a clear sense of purpose, focused on responding to the challenges of "if not now, when" and "if not us, who". In the wise words of one of our advisers on the day, while we continue to deal with the challenges of COVID-19, with admissions for next academic year already open, we must also find time to maximise the opportunity before us. With the learning of the last six months, we need to look at the future of teaching and learning, and the places in which it takes place. As we looked to the future, we talked about where we have come from and in particular, our current 2018-2023 strategy. This strategy currently guides our work and our planning across all aspects of the UWCSEA learning programme and College operations - but it was conceived in a reality that is different from the one in which we now find ourselves.

One of my favourite quotes from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, is helpful here: 

‘Whereof what’s past is prologue; what to come, in yours and my discharge.”

The past is written, but the future is ours to make. We are, of course, not operating in a vacuum, and we have our mission and our values to guide us. Our mission has served us well for nearly 50 years, and there is no question of us changing it. Our mission serves as our "North Star" - our compass to guide us as we face the future - together.

I look forward to the opportunity soon to be part of parent fora which will discuss our strategy past, present and future with our community; and where we can start to build the dialogue with you.

We are also planning a dialogue series on reimagining education, starting on 29 October: more details to follow soon.

In the meantime, please do share any thoughts, comments or suggestions below.


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Carma Elliot

Written by Carma Elliot

I am internationalist by conviction, with a lifelong commitment to social responsibility, service and building trust and understanding. My family continues to be a guiding force in shaping my approach to the world. I am humbled to serve the UWCSEA community in my role as the College’s first President.

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